Melon, Coconut and Lime Granita

Saturday, during the day, London was hot. By the time it got to the magrib it was pouring with rain and feeling cold. Despite the weather the melon drink that I had craved during the day hit the spot for me in the evening.

This requires a bit of attention but isn’t difficult to make. The addition of lime lifts the taste and makes it even more refreshing. Refreshing for a hot day and also after spicy food.

1 Honeydew Melon
1 x 250ml coconut water
1 x lime
Pomegranate seeds to sprinkle.

Serves 4
Chop and peel the melon, remove the seeds. Chop into small cubes. Keep a handful of the melon aside. Then put the rest of the melon in a blender with the coconut water, the zest of a lime and the juice of half a lime. Blend, then put into a shallow box in the freezer. Leave it the freezer for 2 hours. Remove from the freezer then scrape the frozen sides back into the centre with a fork. Continue to do this every hour until you have something ressembling a coarse frozen slush.

Serve in glasses with a spoon, sprinkle with the reserved melon and a sprinkle of pomegrenate seeds.