The Simple Things

What are the simple things in life? Surely it is to have the certainty that if you are a small child you can play outside in safety, if you are a pregnant woman you will have access to medical treatment should you give birth unexpectedly, that if you are pregnant stray bullets won’t harm your unborn baby, that if you are a child your parents will be alive to look after you, that if you are engaged that both you and your finance(e) will make it to the wedding, that if you are a parent you will get to look after you children, that children will outlive their parents, that parents won’t have to bury tiny bundles. Without an iota of a doubt all these things depend on the mercy of Allah(swt). It is He, who has decided the length of our lives as well as the pre-appointed time at which we will depart.

The situation in Gaza as is, is dire. I’ve felt sick just watching the news. I’ve felt even more ill reading uncensored social media. It is horrible. Far worse is understanding that the people in Gaza are just people. They too should have the right to the simple things in life. Some media sources have been quick to point out that the Israeli population suffers, but they still enjoy the simple things in life. Weddings go ahead, births take place, religious holidays and events are observed without any disruption and certainly not on the same scale as for the Palestinians. Surely the Palestinians should be able to celebrate Ramadan without having the force of a whole army on their heads? Surely a mother who has prepared Iftar/i for her family should be able to sit and eat safe in the knowledge that everyone is accounted for, surely 10 minutes is not long enough to gather up your children and grab what you can before your home is blown up, surely safety and security is a simple thing in life?

I make dua with all my heart that Allah(swt) will rain his mercy down on the Palestinians, that He will keep them safe, that He will protect them, that He will free them, that He will give them the safety and security that we enjoy and that most of all He will bring them peace and that they, too, will enjoy the simple things. Ameen.

With the simple things in mind I have been thinking about some of the simple meals we have had this Ramadan. We have had quite a few. None of them rocket science in terms of creativity but sometimes it does you good to go back to appreciating the simple things and saying Alhamdulilah.

1. Pizza delivered (20 minutes before hand)
2. Easy Laksa (paste + coconut milk + veg, rice noodles)
3. Sandwiches
4. Shop bought Mezze items
5. Grilled haloumi, rice and salad

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