First Fast

Alhumdulilah last night we completed the first fast of the blessed month of Ramadan insh‘Allah all our fasts and prayers will be accepted.

Yesterday suddenly seemed very hot, in fact so much hotter than normal. Each time I was outside, I would come back in feeling burnt. It felt so strange that it was actually both hot in the morning and in the late afternoon. If it wasn’t Ramadan I doubt I would have been so aware of the heat. Without a doubt I would have gone and bought myself a few ice cold drinks to cool me down.

Alhumdulilah we are so fortunate to go for a day without food or drink knowing what we will eat in the evening, knowing that we can choose what we want. My heart aches when I think about the people starving right now. The stories of the people in the Horn of Africa are dire, may we keep them in our duas and may Allah(swt) rain his mercy down on them, send them rain, food and shelter. Until then insh’Allah please give generously.

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