Mealie Pap

After eating our meal of Chakalaka and Mealie Pap, both my husband and I noticed that we should have eaten less as it was extremely filling. Further more neither of us was particularly hungry the next day. Its got be thinking that maize meal might be great for sehri inshallah I’ll have a play around and see if I can create something tasty and filling!

1 and 1/4 mug of coarse or medium maize meal

Reserve ¼ of a mug of maize meal aside.
1. Place 1 mug of maize meal in a bowl and mix with 2 mugs of hot water and stir until it is a thick paste. You may need a little more hot water.
2. Boil 1 mug of water in a pan and mix in the thick paste. Keep stirring. The stirring is essential, ideally with a wooden spoon.
3. Add another mug hot water to pan. It should be thick and smooth.
4. Add the left over maize meal. Cook for a few more minutes.

Serve immediately as this sets once it is left cool. If it does set and you want to reheat, either microwave to retain the same shape or mix in a little more hot water to recreate a smooth soft consistency.

To serve with Chakalaka, swirl the mealie pap on to a plate creating a circle with a sight indentation in the middle to ‘hold’ the chakalaka.

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