Dark Chocolate and Chestnut Pots

These little pots of chocolate are fantastic. The true taste of chocolate hits you as you take a mouthful and then, the subtle taste of chestnut eases its way to the back of your throat and all you can do is say “mmmm”.

100% cacao is hard core chocolate. The benefit of using something so pure is that you control exactly what goes in. Less is most definitely more. Previously this was only available to the finest chocolatiers. Thanks to the desire of gourmand consumers 100% cacao is now freely available in more upmarket supermarkets, similarly crème de marrons de l’Ardeche should not be a problem to find. At first glance there is very little sugar in this dessert however the chestnut spread is sweet and any further sweetening should be done using condensed milk as this will blend in easily and without adding any further liquid to the chocolate as something like sugar syrup would do.

This could easily become a Ramadan favourite in my house, as it faired very well in the pre-Ramadan trial! This is easy to prepare, easy to store, and most importantly very easy to eat. If you have foods with strong smells in your fridge then cover with cling film to prevent the chocolate absorbing the flavours.

60g Indonesian blend 100% pure Cacao (Javan light breaking)
25g Extra Virgin Cacao butter
100g Crème de Marrons de L’Ardeche (Chestnut spread)
2 teaspoons strong black coffee
1 teaspoon condensed milk (alter if you must to your taste)
450ml double cream
150ml whipped to stiff peaks
300ml whipped to foam to soft peaks

1. Whip 150ml of double cream until it forms stiff peaks and can be held on its own then set aside.
2. In another bowl place 50g of the chocolate and 25g of Extra Virgin Cacao butter in a bain marie making sure that the bowl does not touch the water. Gently stir the chocolate and cacao butter as they begin to melt
3. When the chocolate melts mix in two teaspoons of strong black coffee into the chocolate.
4. Mix in the crème de marrons (chestnut spread), the chestnut will soak up the chocolate and give a near grainy texture.
5. Gradually fold the whipped cream in with the chocolate using a metal spoon. Some of it will melt, but the bulk will fold in nicely.
6. Place 2 tablespoons of the chocolate in to each glass and then place in a fridge for approximately 2 hours.
7. Once the chocolate has set whisk the remaining 300ml of double cream until it is foaming and makes soft peaks. Spoon the cream on top of the set chocolate.
8. Grate the remaining 10g of chocolate with a fine grater on top of the cream and serve.
Serves 4

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