Ramadan is Coming

Bumping into an acquaintance recently his parting words were, “Ramadan is coming it is going to be beautiful”, I managed a polite “hmm inshallah” thinking back to Ramadan last year, which for us was the hardest of Ramadans. My husband and I made our way through it like victims of shell shock. We started Ramadan full hope and anticipation, barely two days in and we were numb with grief.

While passing a book shop, I picked up a copy of “the Prophet’s Ramadhaan”. Reading it reminded me that it is not just us who find Ramadan hard. The prophet (saw) did too. Picking my way through the book I have come to realise that it is a month for us to try harder than ever, to push ourselves further than before and to not walk through it casually. It is hard and Allah(swt) will test us in ways that we cannot even begin to anticipate.


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